Acoustic Research & Design Ltd

ARD is not an acoustic consultancy in the traditional sense. We are a research and design entity dedicated to architectural acoustics and design for the performing arts.

We are narrowly focused on the performing arts and entertainment including music, opera, dance, theatre and any venue where such events may occur, whether professional, amateur or educational.

We actively seek work that supports this community in particular, when it needs help more than ever. Whether it is a project funded by Arts and Culture grants, a scientific endeavor, or the development of a new state-of-the-art facility, we can provide the acoustic expertise to bridges the science of acoustics with design, artistic ambitions and local aspirations.

Project partners include architects, project managers, arts institutions, research councils, schools, and even universities. We also work with other consultants such as theater and acoustic consultants if we see innovation opportunities, a collegial opportunity or an interesting project.

We particularly wish to assist communities that would otherwise not benefit from international expertise in acoustic & theatre design.

Yes, we are incorporated as a limited liability company in New Zealand
Yes, we have international PI/PL insurance
Yes, our rates are low, because our overheads are so
Yes, we do calculations and 3D simulations (Odeon)
Yes, we work in Rhino, Grasshopper and Revit
Yes, we do site inspections and measurements
No, our reports are not boring nor too long, they are mostly visual.

We are available for large and small questions. If we cannot help, we most certainly know someone who can!

So get in touch!

Acoustic Research & Design Limited operates under the
New Zealand Business Number 9429050762743.