Quick Bio

I have a Master in Physics from the Université du Maine (France, 1999) and a PhD in acoustics from the University of Auckland (New Zealand, 2006). I moved from the Acoustic Testing Services to a major New Zealand/Australia acoustic consulting firm where I specialised in acoustic design of Performing Arts Centre. This started my involvement in the Philharmonie de Paris in France.

Moving to Australia in 2009, I managed the refurbishment of Hamer Hall concert hall in Melbourne before leaving to Hong Kong and China in 2012. Until 2019, I was the principal acoustician for all arts and cultural projects in Asia and Europe. These included the West Kowloon Cultural District Freespace and Lyric Theatre Complex, the Changsha Meixihu Opera House, the Jiangsu Grand Theatre in Nanjing, Ba’oan Grand Theatre in Shenzhen, HKUST Multipurpose Auditorium in Hong Kong and many more. Between 2019 and 2021, I was based in Sweden where I worked on a wide range of projects including theatres (Gummifrabriken Theatre, Öviks Kulturhus), concert halls (Netport, Shenzhen International Performance Centre, Bolton), ice hockey arenas (Globen, Catena) and others congress centres (Bratislava).

Now based in Auckland, New Zealand I intend to continue the acoustic research on new topics, aiming at assisting communities interested or in need of big and small acoustic expertise. This 20-year experience in acoustics and design of performing arts spaces has grown over more than 60 different performing arts centres in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, China, North America and Europe.