New AECOM paper! ANC 2022 – Engineering approach to auralisation in architectural acoustics.


Auralisation is to the ears what visualisation is to the eyes. Auralisation is not a new tool. It has long been used for stakeholder engagement and to support design decision. However, it is mostly associated with high-end projects, detailed 3D simulations and even more expensive equipment set precisely in purposely fitted rooms. In this paper, the authors argue that auralisation does not need to be hyper realistic to become an extremely useful tool for stakeholder engagement and design guidance. The authors will present a simplified approach to auralisation, based on standard day-to-day engineering calculations, to cater a wider range of projects and stakeholders. Examples will be given on recent typical acoustic projects including construction noise ingress in a civic building and the building acoustic design of a healthcare facility.

Keywords: auralisation, convolution, building acoustics, engineering approach

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